The Caged In Heart Cannot Live Out It’s Soul Purpose...

The Caged In Heart Cannot Live Out It’s Soul Purpose...

How Your Childhood Wounds are Affecting Your Adult Life.


Brittany Renee is a Maryland native and Morgan graduate. She sings with a purpose, and is committed to sharing her life experiences through her music. Her Gospel, Jazz, and R&B influences are easily translated through her songs. Brittney Renee is currently in the studio working on her freshman album. You can listen to her currently released singles "Stupid" and "Love Again" on soundcloud or reverbnation.

In spending time with Brittany this weekend, we learned that the song “Stupid” was written from a place and time that Brittany spent in her life where she walked through obstacles, challenges, and situations where she may have made decisions that were not for best for her or rebellious that ultimately left her heart broken… But in growing and learning God was able to heal and restore her. In all of that, God had to show her that she “can” love again.

You can love again, but your heart must be set free.

Many of us women, have been in the same place where our hearts have been caged in and broken, but God our father is ultimately able to restore us, heal us, and set us free.

Trillion Small is the Director of Trillion Small Counseling & Consulting. She is a neurocounselor and a trauma expert. She is a licensed marriage and family therapy-associate. In her attachment and brain-based mental health practice she primarily sees clients with intrapersonal and/or interpersonal relationship concerns. She is also a certified John Maxwell leadership and business development speaker, trainer, and coach. She values traditional and non-traditional education and is currently a Doctoral Candidate (PhD) in Clinical Counseling at Trevecca Nazarene University. She provides counseling services to the Dallas, TX and surrounding areas and she provides all other services locally and nationally. Trillion has been seen on national and international television and heard on several local news and nationally syndicated talk show radio stations. She was honored and recognized as Nashville's 2016 Black 40 under 40.

She published her first book August 2013 titled Internal Navigator: Basic Steps to Get You From Point A to Point B in Your Life. In this book Trillion reveals her passion to teach all to live a totally fulfilling life according to his or her purpose. She is also the author of The Caged in Heart: How Your Childhood Wounds are Affecting Your Adult Life. In this book Trillion shares fundamental principles about abuse and ways to break the cycle. In this book she reveals her heart desire to help see people emotionally and mentally healed so that they can form better relationships with themselves, others, and God.

Cheryl Polote-Williamson – Nationally acclaimed bestselling author, transformational speaker, and success coach Cheryl Polote-Williamson has established multiple platforms, dedicating her consulting practice to cultivate innovative business solutions, strategic marketing initiatives, and financial acumen for entrepreneurs. A global leader, Cheryl is the CEO and founder of Williamson Media Group, LLC, and Cheryl Polote Williamson, LLC, where her knowledge and expertise is used as a conduit to affirm others in pursuit of their purpose.

Cheryl’s unmatched credibility in the industry has earned her numerous awards, including the Chocolate Social Award for best online community, the Dallas Top 25 Award, and the Female Success Factor Award. She has been named amongst the Who’s Who in Black Dallas Publishing, held a position on the Forbes Coaches Council, and participates in the NAACP Author Pavilion, the Congressional Black Caucus, Christian Women in Media, and the National Association of Women Business Owners.

A prolific author and winner of the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Awards, Cheryl has published multiple books, including Soul Reborn, Words from the Spirit for the 289 Spirit, Safe House, Affirmed, Soul Talk, Soul Bearer, and Soul Source, with more titles on the way. She is the executive producer of the stage play entitled Soul Purpose, which debuted in April 2018 at the Naomi Bruton Theatre

Cheryl and her husband, Russell, currently reside in Flower Mound, Texas. They have three beautiful children, Russell Jr., Lauren, and Courtney, as well as an adorable granddaughter, Leah. In her spare time, Cheryl enjoys traveling, reading, serving others, and spending quality time with family and friends.


When we think about ourselves, it is important to remember that we are a three part being… We are made of body, soul, and spirit. If the heart is caged in, it keeps up from moving from where God has called us to be. The Caged in Heart was written because Trillion knew it was a topic that everyone needs to know about. Trillion experienced so much pain in her childhood and it caused her to have unhealthy relationships… Like so many of us, it cages us in without even knowing it.

What does it look like to be caged in? How do we get out? How do we stay out?

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…

Proverbs 23:7 (KJV)

What we believe, is literally what can prevent us and prohibit us from getting to our promise land.

Is your past still present? If it is, we have to figure out how to get out of it.

The Israelites could not get into their promise land because of what was in their hearts and what they believed about themselves…. And, it all came from their past experiences.

The purpose of the Soul Movement is to prompt stirring of the soul... The opportunity to reach deeper into ourselves. What is truly our calling? So many people are lost as to what it is they’re supposed to do... A lot of people come from brokenness and unsure expectations of what it is their called to do.

We must ask ourselves, what is it in my soul and spirit that God is calling me to do? What does it look like?

Once we start to examine our past and our present – it makes us realize that we’re not the only ones that need to be unleashed. But all of us rather.

Waking up the heart, mind, and spirit, of the disadvantaged, disenfranchised, the ex-offender… To let us see that everyone has potential, everyone has a soul, and that every soul has the potential to be incredible.

There is a connection in what is going on with your soul, your heart, and much of it is connected to the trauma that we have experienced. The enemy will try to remind you of where you’ve been instead of where you’re going. It is the only tactic that he has…

It keeps us caged instead of changed.

…But be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Romans 12:2 (NIV)

Trauma is subjective, it pertains to self-perception. Your trauma is your trauma. We can not minimize each ones experiences, and every time we experience a pain that we can not let go of – it gets heavier. If god is saying “I have called you,” but the enemy is holding bricks on to your waist – we have to let go of the bricks. Otherwise we become paralyzed and stagnant.

“Oh its just me – I cant tell anyone…” That is the lie of the enemy.

But when we share our trauma, our story, our testimony, it sets us free and allow us to accomplish the impossible. It is empowering. Your shame can no longer hold you hostage and allows you to experience true victory and restoration.

It is a renewing for people to see that your life still HAS PURPOSE! Once again we are reminded that, every soul has a purpose!

Physical healing vs. spiritual healing… Spiritual can change the trajectory of your life and lead to a lifeless life when the healing doesn’t occur. In order to let go and move forward you must evaluate. What your holding onto? Is it causing you to spiral? Is it elevating you? Moving your forward?

While we hold onto it, and bottle it inside – it provides instant gratification. We can’t let go of the hurt, because we loose control of it once it has been released. To be honest, most of us have control issues. Meanwhile, what God is telling us is that “I can’t give you better until you learn to let go...”

Once you are able to truly learn who you are, your value, and worth… You will refuse to settle for anything less than that.

When we go to a place of surrender – there is nothing that God allows to happen to us that he did not ordain.

Even in the midst of the deepest pain, He steps in and say’s “No, no, no daughter, be still and be quiet.”

He requests us to let him handle it. The good things in our life are a true reflection of allowing God to strategically step in and do for us what we could not.

As we reflect on Brittany who had to learn to let go of a bad relationship. Her song is about being able to love again. Forgiveness for yourself is hard to learn, but once you learn, it is easier to deal with others in relationships and yourself. He may not remove you from the environment, but will rather teach you how to deal with the person so that it will no longer affect you.

Love can breakdown those walls we build and we can learn to love ourselves.

So how do you shift from caged to changed? How do you change?

Fully trust God. Habits aren’t enough. We must trust the father in God, the brother in Jesus, and the comforter in the Holy Spirit. Without trust in God, how can we trust others? Even ourselves?

Love causes attraction- we attract what we are. Healthy attracts healthy.

Surrender is the root of it all. But, we must first take the faith step of asking God to heal our heart.

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