The call went out about 2pm on April 27th. Social media sites were at it all time high in tweets. Baltimore is shutting down due to a threat of a possible riot. Major companies like Throw Price, Legg Mason and several others felt fear for their employees and said get home quick. I was in class and our teacher was asked to step out of the room because of an emergency. She comes back in and says go home class dismissed. Once home, our local news stations was broadcasting live as teenage exit school to throw rocks and boulders at Police Officers. What was going to happen next? Well it happen! People were being taking out of their cars as they drove down the street, stores being breaking into. Malls being robbed in daylight as all of Baltimore and America watch. Police Officers nowhere in sight. Fear begins to get in the hearts of many. All of a sudden I yelled, Where Is the leadership? Why are they not stepping up? I am sure; I was not the only one asking that question. Strong Leadership is needed for this type of out spoken action. Was this all a result of injustice for Freddie Gary or was this a chance to take because you feel so much was taken from you? Was this a cancel for you to tell the leadership in Baltimore and all over the world how you feel? I am a firm believer of what was meant for bad will be turned around to work for good. All of a surround in the midst of all the turmoil, here come a group of Pastor’s in the middle of the street singing, “We Are Marching”! The unity was so strong that some people that were riot and gang members joined in. Who are these Brave Souls? How were they able to stand in the midst of fear and danger? Enter the scene and you sense of peace and protection came. The news report followed them and to felt a protection and peace. Not only do America and Baltimore need bold and compassionate leaders, but wise! Leaders full of wisdom!

A wise leader will come up with a strategy, know who to call for assistant and speak in a way that will bring order. I believe the younger generation is looking for that leader. I often think what if I let my children do whatever they please when they please. They will not only damage their life, but the world around them. Young people do not mind boundaries. The only thing is it’s hard to teach an old or young person new tricks when they have been doing it the they know so long.

First let’s start by looking at King Solomon. He asks for wisdom to Govern the people, so he can know well from evil. I know we will never have the Wisdom of Solomon but at least the cry will get God’s attention. Then let’s be positive role models for our young people. I know they get tired of it because I do. People not doing what they say. Then let’s treat them like modern day Josephs produce an atmosphere where they are free to dream and talk about making it better without throwing them in a pit. A wise leader see the problem but use it as an opportunity for teaching and developing.

This was said by one of the Pastors “Problems are the Prelude to New Discoveries” - Bishop Johnson

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