About the Founder

Cassandra Ferguson

President of Diamonds and Pearls Unlimited


Email: admin@cassandraferguson.com

Office #: 240-34PEARL


Cassandra has been described by many as passionate, bold, and results driven. She has been married to Antonio Ferguson, Sr. for 27 years and is the mother of four children: Chantre’ the Fashion Expert, Shaneka the Teacher, Tony Jr.  the Business Man and Antwan the Athlete. Cassandra currently attends Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries where she serves alongside her husband in the Deacon Care and Marriage Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Clifford and Lady Dorothy Johnson.


Cassandra loves sharing information. She is often called upon to not only teach adults of all ages, but teens and young adults in churches, communities centers, schools, corporations and radio stations. Her teachings cover the areas of: professional and personal development, discovering your personal purpose and vision, understanding the different  generations (GI to Generation Z-), effective communication, global strategies, branding, ethical conduct, barriers that can hinder you, accountability, the power of influence, networking, how to progress ahead, exporting your talent, attitude, how to make your past work for you, hospitality, confidence, persuading others, how to put the right people behind your drive, critical thinking and building credibility.


Her passion is often displayed in her teaching. Cassandra says her assignment is "to help develop leaders of all ages, help inspire others to live out their God given purpose and develop applicable content for daily living".

Cassandra has completed multiply trainings: banking, compliance, real estate practice and law, housing regulation, engaging faith and life, creation and covenant, Biblical Theology, communication, emotional intelligence, organizational effectiveness, the power of personality, customer service, strategic planning, business management strategy, recruitment, interviewing, background investigation, performance management, organization development, down sizing motivational theories, talent management, developing leaders, employee and labor relations, employee involvement strategies, policies, procedures, work rules, organizational risk, leadership and six sigma. These trainings were done with Washington Bible College, Villa Mt. Pleasant Church and Ministries and John Maxwell Leadership Development and Coaching Certification Group.

Cassandra is the owner and founder of Diamonds and Pearls Unlimited, Inc. an organizations that helps develop young ladies from 13 - 25 years of age into leaders.  In her previous position at JP Morgan Chase, she was a the Community Co-Chair for Black Organizational Leadership Development (BOLD). Her assignment was to connect with employees, senior management, stock holders and community leaders, showing a presence and willingness to partner. Additionally she helped develop team members through training on branding and standing out as a CEO even when you are working for someone else; ultimately placing them in positions where their skill set and passion were better utilized. The impact of Cassandra's work and team building skills afforded her to be a part of the Develop, Educate and Training Team, where she was asked to help recognize areas for improvement. As a part of this team, she was able to create a workable system for training awareness, mentorship, and career path planning. When work force reduction occurred in the organization, as an integral part of the Employee Engagement Team, she encouraged staff, built office moral and provided resources, as needed.  


Currently a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Cassandra provides leadership training for personal and professional development. Her dream is to one day provide scholarships for education and business development. Cassandra is also a former business owner of 12 years of a mortgage and tax business and a women networking group called Business Women on the Move. The Lord  recently put on Cassandra’s heart to collaborate and mentor other new business owners, so she formed a empowerment  group with her  oldest daughter and 3 other business owners called Women of Impact. Cassandra also teaches financial literacy to students in Maryland under the Operation Hope Organization called Banking on our future. Just recently she was asked to teach at the Future Business Leaders of America conference where over 1000+ students from all over Maryland attended.  Cassandra has been a Co-Author on several book projects one in which called “Wounded, Thrive and Survive”.  In this book Cassandra tells her story of the pain she experienced as a child and how it caused her to not allow her husband to love her completely.  Cassandra is currently working on three book projects one to be released in 2015 with a group of mothers and the wisdom they have shared with their daughters. Another with a group called “Uncuffed Fashion and Lifestyle”, due to be release next month. The last book project is for young ladies 13 - 30 years of age that wish to share their stories; this book will be released in early 2016. 

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